In this FAQ you can find ferquently asked questions. We hope that it will help you. 

The vision behind mapAds is to bring consumers back to brick-and-mortar retail and pick them up where they spend most of their time – online (Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube). To do this, we place location-based ads across various marketing channels and point out interesting products that are available “just around the corner”.

mapAds helps you to make your products visible online. Your products will be displayed to customers directly in your area across multiple platforms

Yes, you will get some functions for free. So you can get an impression of mapAds without any obligation.

Register within seconds and start uploading your first products.

You can upload the products via our wizard or via our app. Use already existing product information or take a snapshot of your products.

Yes, we already have interfaces to many shop and ERP systems. If your system is not listed, we will gladly help you and check the feasibility for you.

That’s not a problem. Our support will help you with the setup and clarify open questions with you.

Our experts will be happy to explain to you in short videos what is behind the marketing channels and how your products are presented there. Do you still have questions? Simply contact our support team at support@mapads.net and we will answer your individual questions.

You can change companys informations, such as logo, contact details and descriptions via our settings with just a few clicks.

Yes, you can create as many stores as you want and even group them. Just go to the settings and add a new store or change existing stores.

Yes! mapAds will automatically create a product page for you, which you can add to your website with a small code snippet. Our support will be happy to help you.

Video ads are, in simple terms, business and product slides that are created individually for your business and for your target audience. The video shows information about your business and the products that are most in demand.

Choose from our video templates the one that best suits your business. None of the templates fits? No problem – we will be happy to create your individual template!

Want to reach even more customers in your catchment area? Just choose the package that best suits your needs. Each package includes a variety of channels where your products will be displayed.

Book the package that suits you directly via the dashboard or via our package management. You can then choose a payment method you prefer. Once the marketing budget is booked, the software will automatically start promoting your products.

You decide when and how much marketing budget you want to spend. You can pause or cancel your package at any time via the package management. We give you breathing room on months when things sometimes get tight.

With mapAds you have full transparency over all marketing activities that we do for you. Via the statistics, in the activity history and also via e-mail, we always keep you up to date on how your products are doing.

Great! Please inform us about the error via support@mapads.net and we will take care of it immediately.

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Learn more about our company and team on our social media channels

Contact us

Learn more about our company and team on our social media channels

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