Show your products to customers near you Directly on Google

Make your products discoverable in local searches and show customers a local alternative to online retail.

Präsentiere Deinen Schmuck und Deine Uhren Kunden direkt in Deiner Nähe und bringe sie in Dein Geschäft.

How it work's

Three simple steps to your online presence





Upload your products to mapAds.

Link your Google My Business account with mapAds.

Bring customers into your business and increase sales sustainably.


Produkte in mapAds


Link your Google My Business account with mapAds.

Kunden in Dein Geschäft bringen und Umsatz nachhaltig steigern


Produkte in mapAds


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Bring customers into your business and increase sales sustainably


Become visible online with Google and advertise products


Google my Business

If a customer searches for your store, he will not only see your opening hours, but also your product range and can thus get an overview of what you are offering.


Google Local Inventory

78% of customers search and find out about the product first in Google. With mapAds we make you show up 

directly in the Google search, when a customer 

searches for your products. 

Google My Business

become visible online free of charge

Google Local Inventory

Your products are shown online
to customers directly in your area

Be Findable via
Google search

We place your products directly in Google search, when a customer in your area searches for your products. The customer is thus shown a local alternative to online-only retailers.

Your products in Google Shopping

When customers search for products through Google Shopping, your products will also be displayed as a regional offer. The customer can decide whether to buy the product from the online retailer or directly from the local expert.

Your advantages

Reach via Google

mapAds is Google Local Invetory Feed Partner. You can learn more here:  Google Local Feed Partnern


Automatic creation and maintenance of the required Google Merchant Center account.

Data quality

mapAds delivers the products to Google in the required quality.

Inventory check

We do the Google inventory check for you. You don't have to do it manually.
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Automatically attract local customers for your trade


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