Understand your customers more with
personal statistics!

With the enhanced statistics, you get even deeper insights into the needs of your customers. Through appealing graphs, you can now better understand how mapAds helps you generate new customers through smart online marketing.

All functions on just one glance!

Reach customers

Find out how many customers you have reached online

MapAds shows you which channels you have used to reach customers and how many. Through different filter options you know exactly how many people you reached with your products.

Recognizing trends early

We show you which products are popular right now

Based on the data we get back from Google and Facebook, we show you which products are in particularly demand. You can see the demand in your region and draw conclusions from the provided data.


From which regions do my visitors come?

A map view provides you with clear information about the regions in which you reach the most customers. The map shows you your top 10 regions.

Search terms

Which keywords do visitors used to find their way to me?

We show you which keywords your customers use to find your products and business on Google. You can use this data to respond to the right keywords.

Why mapads?


Get your digital product marketing with just a few clicks. Register, post products and reach customers on site.


Make your store visible online and display your products in the relevant marketing channels. 


Bring the right customers into your store and increase your sales effectively. 

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