More local customers for your liquor-store by showcasing your products on Google

Millions of people use Google every day to search for products near them. mapAds adds your products to Google to be found by these people.



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You use Korona to synchronize your products (Just activate mapAds as Korona app)


Connect Korona with mapAds and synchronize your products


Make your products locally discoverable on Google

Why should you add your in-store products to Google?

62% of consumers in the countries surveyed say they currently buy most of the items they need in stores

Increase the visibility of your store

Your in-store products can be displayed in search results and in your business profile in Google Search and Google Maps, so customers can get an idea of what you offer before visiting your store.

72% of consumers are more likely to store in stores where they can check if a product is in stock

Show your customers what is available in your store

Many customers check Google to see if stores near them carry the products they want. If you add your products to Google, they can easily check if the product is available in your store. 

Why Korona users add their products to Google with mapAds

no extra work

mapAds automatically finds photos and descriptions that match your products, so there’s no manual data entry required. mapAds updates your products so there’s no extra work for you.

Attract customers to your store

By adding your products to Google with mapAds, you can be displayed when customers in your area search for products you carry on Google and direct them to your retail store to make a purchase.

Measure your results

You get access to a merchant dashboard where you can see how many of your products are on Google and how many people have found them.

Add your products in store to Google Help local customers find your business

Kreatives Design für eine erfolgreiche Werbung

Entdecken Sie unsere Designbeispiele für Werbebanner und -videos

Mit mapAds können Sie Werbemittel generieren, die auf Ihr Unternehmen und Ihre Kunden abgestimmt sind. Unsere künstliche Intelligenz generiert Werbebanner und -videos in Sekundenschnelle, um maximale Aufmerksamkeit zu erzielen. Hier finden Sie einige Designbeispiele, die unsere Software für unsere Kunden erstellt hat. 

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