Monetize Your Map Application, Instantly.

mapAds Enables You To Earn More Money With Your App By Promoting Local Businesses That Your Customers Care About, Hassle-Free

How Does It Work

Our mapAds merchant software allows you to create a promotion in seconds. Just upload a product related picture, set a quantity or time limit for the promotion and add a short and catchy describtion.

As a restaurant franchise eg. you can cluster your locations to choose which area or shop should have which promotions. Create regional, local or individual clusters to target your audience always in the best possible way.

Your promotions get communicated to several third party smartphone applications who are using our API. Several of those applications have a million plus user base. 

Our machine learning based analytics tool helps you to get a better understanding about  when, where and what your potential customer really want. This allows our software to do recommendation to improve your promotions continuously in order to attract more customers.

Relevant Ads That Improve User Experience

1.2 Billion search requests in regards to location based shopping opportunities each month just in germany

Make Your Local Store Promotions As Visible As Possible


Location based marketing via our API

Several third party applications are going to display your local store promotions on there maps

76% of people who search for nearby promotions visit a related store within 24h.

28% of store visits result in a purchase. 83% in regards to food stores / restaurants.

Almost 95% of long distance travellers search for dining- or grocery shopping opportunities

Meet The Team

Marius Ruhrmann

Computer Scientist

A.I. expert and responsible for the API integration into third party applications. Marius has 7 years of experience in professional software development. 

Muhammad Hamza

Computer Scientist

Hamza is responsible for designing and developing the architecture of the back-end and database. He also has strong skills in embedded systems and A.I. which is mandatory for mapAds.

Daniel Schütz

Industrial Engineer

Responsible for business- and front-end development. Daniel worked among others in his past for a Silicon Valley based startup and has work experience with companies all around the world. 

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